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Tour to Saint Petersburg "3-Day Grand Russian Historical Tour"

total 28 hours

Limited availability! The tour can be booked only as a private tour.

This tour covers the history of Russia from the Middle Ages to Putin and Gorbachev, taking you to the places where the the country’s destiny and the fate of its people were decided. A thousand years will unfold before you, from the grand Catherine’s palace in Pushkin to the coast of lake Ladoga, where epic battles were fought throughout the centuries. In these intense 3 days you will see all of the city’s main sights, travel through the Russian countryside, and get a deep insight into Russian history and culture.

Tour price includes the following services:
1. all port fees for three day and all local Russian taxes
2. professional and personable English-speaking guide for three days
3. A/C vehicle for two three with this timing (every extra hour costs 30)
4. admission tickets to all the museums shown on the itinerary
5. pass for the camera in the museums (one per couple)
6. subway ride
7. one bottle of water per person per day
8. audio head-sets for larger groups of 10 and more people

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Tour program

1 day

“From Ancient Russia to the Soviet Era” – 8.5 hours

08.30 am* Departure to the ancient Russian fortress “Oreshek” near Ladoga lake 
10.00 am
Tour of the fortress  “Oreshek” (“Nut” in English) and the town of Shlisselburg
12.00 pm
Tour of the Nevsky Bridgehead battlefield
01.15 pm
Lunch in the town of Kirovsk* (optional) *Kirovsk is a town in the Leningrad Region, located on the left bank of the Neva River, 33 km east of St. Petersburg.
02.15 pm
Inside visit to the Siege of Leningrad Breakthrough diorama and a tank exhibition

03.30 pm

Departure to St. Petersburg

05.00 pm*

Return to the ship
2 day

“WWII, Siege of Leningrad, and the Cold War” – 9 hours

08.00 am* Meeting at the ship
08.30 am
Panoramic city tour, subway ride on the way to Catherine's Palace 
10.00 am
Tour of Catherine's Palace with the Amber Room in the Tsars' Village (Pushkin)
12.00 pm
Drive to St. Petersburg
01.00 pm Lunch (optional)
01.45 pm Inside visit to the Siege of Leningrad exhibition at the Rumyantsev Mansion
02.45 pm
An inside visit to the Saviour on the Spilled Blood Church
03.30 pm

05.00 pm*
Political History Museum in the mansion of prima-ballerina Kshesinskaya - Cold War and Soviet Life exhibition

Return to the ship
3 day

“Russian Empire of Tsars and Lenin's Revolution” – 10.5 hours

07.30 am* Meeting at the ship
08.00 am
Panoramic city tour, stops at St. Isaac's square and the Bronze Horseman
09.45 am
General tour of the Hermitage museum
12.15 pm
Inside visit to Peter and Paul’s fortress including excursions to the Cathedral and the prison
01.30 pm
Lunch (optional)
02.00 pm Inside visit to the Aurora Cruiser
02.45 pm
Russian Revolution TourField of Mars memorial to the revolutionaries,KGB Headquartersmonument to the Victims of Political Repressions, Smolny Palace and Cathedral

06.00 pm*
Inside visit to the Smolny Palace - the seat of the first Soviet Government and the current St. Petersburg City Hall. Tour of Lenin's Work Study and the Congress Hall where Lenin proclaimed the victory of the revolution in 1917.

Return to the ship