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Tour to Saint Petersburg 3 Days / 4 Nights

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

This package includes:

  • 4 nights at a comfortable, centrally-located mini-hotel with breakfasts daily
  • arrival/departure transfers
  • panoramic city tour
  • museum entrance fees and photo permits (where necessary) to: Hermitage, St.Isaac’s Cathedral, Church on the Blood, Peter and Paul Fortress (including Sts.Peter and Paul Cathedral), Catherine Palace & Park in Tsarskoye Selo, Peterhof fountain gardens, Peterhof Grand Palace, Pavlovsk Palace & Park
  • sample Russian lunch at Podvorye (on Day 3)
  • hydrofoil ride from Peterhof to St.Petersburg
  • river and canal boat tour (privately for Your group/family)
  • car and driver services (comfortable air-conditioned vehicle, foreign-make) for 3 days + arrival and departure transfers (timing as per program)
  • tour guide’s services for 3 full days + arrival transfer

Tour program

1 day

After breakfast take a panoramic city tour that includes stops and short walks in the most picturesque and famous venues such as Bronze Horseman, Spit of Vassilievsky Island, the Aurora Cruiser, Fine Arts Square, St.Isaac’s Square and many more.

The tour includes inside visits to St.Isaac’s Cathedral, Church on the Blood and Peter and Paul Fortress.

Lunch/coffee break in a venue of your choice (a la carte)

Visit one of the most mysterious palaces of St.Petersburg - the Yussoupov Palace. Take a look at how the top wealthiest family of Russia before the Revolution used to live and entertain. Then go down to the basement dining-room, where the “dark figure at the throne of Nicholas and Alexandra” - Gregory Rasputin - ended his days. There are still mysterious rumors and unclear circumstances clouding around this assassination - check out the exposition dedicated to life and death of Rasputin.

Take river and canal boat tour of St.Petersburg and view this magnificent city from a different prospective. St.Petersburg’s position on the Neva river branches and canals has given the city its nickname of Venice of the North.

2 day

After breakfast take a trip outside St.Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo (town of Pushkin) and tour the Catherine Palace & Park ensemble inside and out. The tour includes a visit to the “8th wonder of the world” - the famous Amber room.

For lunch, sample Russian cuisine at one of the most famous St.Petersburg restaurants “Podvorye”, where Mr.Putin celebrated his birthdays.

Then move on to the Pavlovsk Palace and Park ensemble, enjoy the homey atmosphere of this Imperial residence.

Return to St.Petersburg city centre.

Evening free

3 day

After breakfast take a trip outside the city to the Imperial Peterhof - the magnificent Versailles of Russia built by Peter the Great. Visit the Grand Peterhof Palace and explore the famous fountain gardens of Peterhof.

Lunch/coffee break in a venue of your choice on the grounds of the Peterhof gardens (a la carte) Take a super-fast hydrofoil ride across the Gulf of Finland to return to the heart of St.Petersburg - hydrofoils dock straight at the Hermitage, by chance, this is the next item on your itinerary. Tour of the world-famous Hermitage museum. The tour includes Gala Reception rooms of the Winter Palace (the former official residence of the Romanov Tsars) and highlights of West European art collections, including old masters, Impressionism and Postimpressionism.

Evening free