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Peterhof (translated from German means Peter’s yard) is situated 29 km from St. Petersburg, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Peter the Great chose Peterhof for its proximity to the island fortress of Kronstadt after the final establishment of Russia on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The palace and park ensemble of Peterhof is a great monument, famous all over the world as the fountain capital. Altogether in its parks there are 4 cascades and 144 fountains. The central fountain in the Grand Cascade is a dazzling golden Samson prying open the jaws of a golden lion, symbolizing Russia’s victory in the Northern War. Peterhof was the official summer residence of the Russian emperors. Starting from the first quarter of the 18th century grand festivals were held in Peterhof parks to celebrate victories. Location: Peterhof, ul.Razvodnaya, 2.

Parks in Peterhof

The architectural and artistic complex of Peterhof is formed by the green massifs of the Upper Gardens and Lower Park, adjacent parks and gardens of Alexandria and Strelna, several palaces and a large number of fountains. The parks are enlivened with sculptural compositions, numerous pavilions, cascades and intricately shaped foot-bridges. The Lower Park was laid out on the lowest terrace, stretching right down to the waterfront; the Great Palace was erected and the Upper Gardens were laid out on the middle terrace on which the town of Petrodvorets stands. The third terrace, which rises 100m above sea level, abounds in natural springs which supply water to the fountains. From the terrace by the north façade of the Great Palace you have a splendid view of the Lower Park with numerous wonderful fountains, cascades and the sea, the focal point being the Great Cascade.

Location: Petergof, Rasvodnaya ul. 2.