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In 1777 Catherine the Great gave the grounds to the Great Duke Paul as a summer residence. The horseshoe-shaped Paul’s Palace was built from 1782 to 1786 and renovated after a fire in 1803. Erected on a hill, the palace takes in the earliest and the latest rays of the sun. The suites of the Pavlovsk Palace belong to the best achievements of Russian architecture. The round, oval, octagonal, rectangular and square halls and rooms of the palace are faced with artificial marble or colored stucco and covered with paintings or moulded ornaments. The formation of the collections of the Pavlovsky Palace was closely connected with the trip of its owners to Europe in 1781-1782. Location: Pavlovsk.

Pavlovskiy Park

The Pavlovskiy Park is the largest historical park in St. Petersburg and is considered the best landscape park in Europe. The Great Palace is located in the centre of the park which was built for the Tsar Paul at the end of 18th century. n the winter visitors to the park enjoy sledging, skiing and the winter beauty of the park. Open daily from 10am to 8pm. Location: Pavlovsk, ul. Revolyuzii, 20.