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Rossi Boutique Hotel & SPA, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Rossi Boutique Hotel & SPA is located in one of the wellknown historical places of Saint Petersburg, by the Fontanka River, in close proximity to the unique architect Rossi street that defined the hotel name.

The building was constructed in 1865 and it is one of the tenement building examples. The 19th century stucco molding, wooden panels, safe, fireplace and furnaces that were found here during the renovation works sagnificantly influenced to the hotel design concept: original beams and brick walls were kept making room interiors charming and stylish.

However "boutique hotel" concept is not only about a design. It undoubtly personilises the hotel, but that is not all. We invite you to discover the Rossi Boutique Hotel & SPA world of hopitality and comfort.