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Marco Polo Hotel, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Marco Polo Saint-Petersburg is an exquisite simulated "old Saint-Petersburg" hotel located in the heart of Vasilievsky island in a building constructed in 1874 by the architect Fyodor Fyodorovich Rudolf. From 1915 till 1920, a famous hydrologist Victor Grigoryevich Glushkov who was one of the founders of the department of hydrology in Saint-Petersburg lived in this house. From 1902 till 1917 a famous mathematician and mechanic Alexander Mikhailovich Lyapunov resided here. He spent nearly all his time in his study with the windows overlooking the quiet green yard, studying equilibrium figures of uniformly rotating liquid. With this research he created his own chapter of the world science history and illustrated the falsity of a number of observations of topflight foreign scientists. In 1969 an Alexander Lyapunov gold medal was established by the USSR Academy of Science, and in 1993 – a Lyapunov prize by the Russian Academy of Science.

At our guests disposal we have 46 rooms with signature design that is in harmony with the style of the XIXth century building, where cozy atmosphere and personalized service will make your stay with us an unforgettable experience.